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Unlike most of uncle fucking shit ass's out there, bored out your festering skull (which I shall proceed to dry hump a little later on) ... I fucking rule! Not because I am of pirate decent and could kill a baby owl with a ninja star after a vile of ketamine ... not because I can vomit blood and puss out of either big toe at will. NO... it's because I don't have to leave my house to go to some air-conditioned nightmare.

I grew some balls and stuck it to the man and quit my ass curdling job and am now in a position to almost in a way save the fucking universe. You see my not working for a boss has allowed me to work when I feel like it or beat the fuck off to Max World #12 (very educational) ... the godamn choice is mine. Just like choosing to wake at 7 to work ( you gotta pay the cunting bills somehow and afford to be drunk all the time ... and my housemates ass is all worn out, so no more me pimping him out to Japanese sailors...(sigh*) and then to watch the utter Satan fueled greatness of " CHILDRENS TV".

Holy crap shooting christ!

We only have 4 channels available on our television set at my abode, so therefore I get to flip through four different children's TV timeslots simultainiously ( MNET is the only missing channel ... but we all know that K-TV breeds faggots so they can eat a dick). It all starts off kinda "normal" if you could call it that until you see the fucking Cookie Monster belting out a song about "looking out for strangers" in xhosa that slowly starts sounding like a Malevolent Creation album. All I get from this is that the Cookie Monster wants to rape a monkey with the aid of fishing tackle and eat the dead babies... maybe it has something to do with the pondo haze that has set in? Who cares ... I heard what I heard and fuck anyone who got a problem with that. CUNTS!

Then all hell breaks loose.

It gets to that stage where all 4 channels have there little daily "live" shows! FUCK MY ASSHOLE WITH THE FORCE OF COMMUNIST RUSSIA! THIS IS DEVIL SHIT IF EVER I'VE SEE IT!

SABC1 has a fucking braided Whoopi Goldberg meets "insert random hip hop star here" look and already exudes a penchant for fisting and fletching. The blonde....fuck me.... the fucking blonde called Candi or something cool like that has the most incredible ability to take a hit from a crystal meth pipe everytime the camera is on anyone else. I lid you not man.... like 3 seconds and boom....she's had another hit. This of course means that she never stops talking ....EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... and all the while you start feeling scared cause now the black young fag has got his eyes locked on you ... through the TV and he wants your FUCKING SOUL MAN! Now this is pretty bad as is.

but no .... they gotta make it even worst .....and this is how TV channels are breeding 666 cunts a second.


your kid's lady are running up poes phone bills ( all calls charged at irregular cellular rate of R5 per minute of course) and at the same time are being programmed to become cunts!

So lets all help stop this terrible epidemic from spreading as soon as possible.

When you next see a kid between 2 and 15 ... do the world a favour. FUCK THAT KID UP!

Kick that kid in the face until that fucking kids body starts convulsing...then beat it with sticks till blood comes out of every pore!

that'll teach kids to be fucking kids! CUNTS!

I FUCKING HATE KIDS .... except girls between 16 and 18 ... cause they rule...cause you can fuck them and when you get bored turn them over and imagine they're 10 year old boys. i'll just stop now!


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