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Sunglasses??? Ha! Ha!

Sunglasses, what a misconception of a word. People buy these things, and what do they do? Not check the glare or the bright sunlight. No, they pose in front of a mirror to see how beautiful they are with these things, maybe halfway down their noses, perched like an ornament or maybe half of the frame in their mouths, they may think they are posing their way to fame as this presenter on TV has done.

They will walk into a shop with these things perched on their forehead. Now I ask you? Has your forehead got eyes? They will put these things on the top of their head. I ask you with tears in my eyes (which are situated in the front of my face just below my forehead) I ask you? Have you ever seen anybody with eyes on top of their head? Then you will find some smart alec who will put the things over the peak of his cap, does not the peak of your cap shade your eyes?

Then there is another individual who will put these things on the back of his neck. Now really, Where are his eyes?

No, I think these things are a status symbol, and of course the more expensive, the more your friends (sic) will take notice of you.

Have you noticed people wearing these things before sun-up? Have you noticed people wearing these things after sundown? Now I ask you, have you seen the sun wearing glasses?

(Written by Charles, a Big Issue vendor outside the Kwikspar in Kloof Street, Cape Town. Please support him.)


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