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Retarded kids are funny

Retarded kids are funny. They have big heads and their eyes are not aligned correctly and they can't speak properly. Retarded kids are funny because my family have no retards which means my mom didn't fuck my dad back in the day when they were sister and brother. Retarded kids are funny because they grow up to be retarded adults who have big heads with unaligned eyes and who cannot speak properly. Retarded kids are funny because they all look the same, they all look retarded. They are all stupid and know nothing about anything and probably cannot even spell their own fucking names or read a book and when you try and teach them shit they just stare at you with big doey eyes as if your are supposed to give them some food or shit or like a dog biscuit or something. Retarded kids probably eat dog biscuits because they have no sense of taste. That's what retarded means. Retarded kids will probably eat their own shit because it is brown like chocolate and they will like it, no, love it because they can't taste the fucking difference and both shit and chocolates can have peanuts in them.

Retarded kids cannot ride bicycles because they have no co-ordination. But it is funny to watch them try. It's even funnier to watch retarded adults try to ride bicycles because they are usually aided by their incestuous parents who are old and gray and hating their lives because the little cabbage should have been out of the house when he turned eighteen which was about eighteen years ago but that's what you get when you fuck your kinfolk a lifetime of retardedness. A little child of love or so they say on the documentaries that show us how special these children are because they are retarded. What do retarded kids know about love anyway? I would like to see retarded kids fuck. That would be funny. It'll be funny because they have no co-ordination. They might poke their eyes out with their genitals. I'll pay to see that. I wouldn't want to see retarded adults fucking though. That would just be creepy. Retarded adults are ugly and scary naked. Retarded kids are just funny naked. All like fat and retarded looking with their mouths always open.

I wonder if retarded girls can give blowjobs. Do they have the ability to apply suction. Or would your cock just punch the sides of loose and flabby cheeks with a lot of saliva in it. I fucked a retarded look-alike once. She was fat and ugly and not too bright but she gave great head. That's the great thing about dumb people. They are great at cocksucking because they put weird shit in their mouth all the time anyway. Smart people don't suck cock good because they read too much. They know about diseases and smegma and hygiene and how to turn a tap and all the stuff that fucks up a good hummer. Retarded kids probably give great head. It would be really funny to have a retarded kid blow you. A big watermelon head bobbing for penis. I would laugh. I would laugh a lot. And I would try to shoot my load up their nostrils. Couldn't be too hard. Retarded kids have big nostrils probably because they're too dumb to inhale so their nostrils have to suck up the wind in order for them to survive and get oxygen to the brain. Or whatever retarded kids have in their oversized skulls because they're too stupid to actually have a brain. Retarded kids are funny.


Retarded kids are funny
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