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Wow, know what I'm sayin'? What an exciting United States election! No longer do has wonder if da American muthas are driven by greed 'n hatred n' shit. No longer do we has wonder whether there are traces of reason left in da heartland of North America n' shit.

The American muthas has spoken n' shit. And they be like:"Fuck yo' ass! We don't care 'bout da rest of da world." We don't care 'bout anything else other than izzle green god called dollar 'n izzle black god called oil 'n 'bout nothing else! We are da fucking first world n' shit. We has bombs 'n Starbucks 'n fuck yo' ass, yo' ass pathetic muthas wit coloured paper!"

Yup, da American muthas has spoken, know what I'm sayin'? They democracy which we so hate 'n envy at da same time has given us an indication of they plans wit us n' shit. We now know that they, as a collective nation, izzall of 'em, every mutha brizzle 'n child that is an United States citizen is out complete da work of da fuhrer himself n' shit. We are merely prospective victims in da worldwide final solution, know what I'm sayin'?

The enemy has made itself known." Previously they be like things like don't blame us, blame da government, know what I'm sayin'? We believed 'em." We made claims that izzle anti-americanism wuz directed solely at da US government."

Boy, did they ever fool us n' shit.

But now we know n' shit. Thank fuck n' shit. Every American citizen, mutha, brizzle or child is now an enemy combatant." They are da enemy, know what I'm sayin'? And da only way we will ever win this war against terror is if we adopt a new mantra n' shit. No longer are da Geneva Conventions valid n' shit. We are facing an entire nation of English speaking muthas wit guns 'n a poor command of grammar fo' fuck's sake n' shit.

We has start a war of extermination."

Every single American citizen gots be capped assure da continuation of mankind 'n da evolutionary process." No-one gots be spared, know what I'm sayin'? Not until da last American is hanged in da town square can we rest, know what I'm sayin'? Not until we has impaled da last American baby on a wooden pike can we relent from izzle duty."

They are izzall fair game now, know what I'm sayin'? Do what yo' ass gots ." Poison 'em n' shit. Stap explosives yourself 'n walk into a McDonalds n' shit. Kill Noam Chomsky n' shit. Kill Eminem n' shit. They are liars just like Cheney 'n Big Baby Bush an Michael Moore." They deserve death 'n only death deliver 'em from da terrible disease which is they nationality, know what I'm sayin'?

We as human beings gots realize that this is a fight fo' survival." It is us or da Americans, those inhumane aliens from another world." A world in which there is no love, no compassion, no creativity n' shit. They idea of art is one of destruction, but not destruction as nature intended." A senseless, pointless destruction which bears no fruit n' shit.

Isolate 'em." Kill 'em." Destroy they rascist Israeli masters, know what I'm sayin'? Make 'em realize that da only possible way they can ever redeem themselves is if they brutally murder izzall they leaders 'n nuke Tel Aviv." Make 'em understand that we are no longer afraid die because of izzle fear fo' they mighty military machine, know what I'm sayin'?

Once they kill us izzall, they'll just die anyway because inbreds has never been known take care of themselves n' shit. They'll just evolve into a nation of muthas wit soft heads, know what I'm sayin'? As if, know what I'm sayin'? ..

I will not rest until I kill at least one of yo' ass." Slowly, wit KY Jelly 'n a whip n' shit. Wait, KY is an American product." I guess yo' ass're shit out of luck then Yankee n' shit.

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