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There's this old joke about the Holocaust and it goes a little bit like his: What is long and grey and kills Jews? Ze gaspipe.

Funny shit that. Unless of course if you do not believe in the official figure of 6 million Jews being exterminated during the course of World War 2.

It is a tough world out there today. You cannot make Jew extermination jokes and you cannot deny the Holocaust. Either way, you'll have to deal with the wrath of some Jewish mother figure and nobody in their right mind wants that. I mean, fuck, if you can't poke fun at minorities, what the hell is there to live for? And simply put, both denying the holocaust and telling Jew jokes is just simply poking fun at minority dogma.

Whoa! The Holocaust? Dogma? Yes. It is. Six million is a dogmatic and symbolic number and as somebody much wiser than I once said: "Symbols are for the symbol minded." I equate that number, and the guilt I am supposed to feel every time I hear it, to the cross which Christians wear around their neck and the Easter celebrations when all are supposed to revel in the pain that Jesus Christ suffered to die for the sins of humanity.

Of course, like the six million Jews that died during the war, the crucifiction of Christ may or may not have happened. An interesting side note is that the Jewish community do not celebrate Easter. As a matter of fact, the Jewish community do not entertain the belief that Christ was the Messiah, a sin for which they paid dearly in the past. But that's hate speech laws for you. Somebody will always get fucked over for having a different view. Yesterday it was the heretical behaviour of the Jews who doubt the wine making powers of Christ, today it is the historians and individuals who doubt the genocidal powers of the Nazis.

It's all a load of race bullshit really. "My race has a bigger dick than yours. Well, my race don't need no big dick because we know where the clitoris is located". Speaking of race, according to Darwin it is most likely the Occidentals that will prevail because they are genetically superiour to the Semites like Jews and Arabs.

But then again, Darwin's theory is just another form of dogma and I personally think that the barbaric black folk will rule the world in the not so distant future. I mean, 800 000 people killed in a hundred days in Rwanda. Fuck ze gaspipe motherfucker, use a panga, it's quicker and satisfies the bloodlust that is ingrained in all of us somewhere deep and dark. But statistically speaking, if the Hutus in Rwanda were Nazis and wanted to exterminate an exclusive race, in the space of 5 years, roughly the duration of the second world war, they would have killed 14,240,000 of that particular group of people they wanted to wipe out. In my eyes, that makes the black race far superiour don't you think? Six million? The aryans were pussies.

So here we are in the 21st century, still arguing about dogma. The laws that govern us, those laws put in place to control us and make sure that we we are nice and decent people, those hypocritical laws are put in place by people with agendas that boggles the mind. All these laws are there to uphold certain dogma, to protect others, and to suppress some. In this writer's opinion, all a load of good old fashioned bullshit.

Take the peculiar case of Ernst Zundel for instance. A fascinating event unfolding in front of our eyes that has all the traits of the fascism and suppression that Ernst Zundel is supposed to represent.

Ernst Zundel is 67 year old man who questions the official figure of six million Jews killed, gassed, bayoneted and shot into Britain with human cannons and he is a bit of a crackpot, granted. But since he has never caused physical harm to any human being, at least on record, he's pretty much a harmless crackpot.

Yes, I hear the masses crying out about incitement and all that crap, but really now, there is such a thing as free will and intelligence. If anyone is going to be incited by another person to cause damage and bloodshed, that person was an idiot in the first place. Eventually, when one ponders this in a rational way, all feelings of nationalism and patriotism are a product of incitement, so let's all get off the moral high ground and deal with ourselves.

Anyway, Ernst Zundel is an old man in prison for believing and preaching something that does not fit with the way we are supposed and indoctrinated to perceive reality and the world today.

Ernst Zundel's only crime has been to distribute a booklet called Did Six Million Really Die? A booklet that challenges the dogma that has ruled the world since World War 2. An interesting fact is that this booklet was first banned in my country of residence, South Africa. It was banned by a minority government, the regime of Apartheid.

During my education as a child under this regime of Apartheid, the dogma of the state was that black people are inferior. Those who questioned this dogma were incarcirated, murdered, labelled terrorsists, enemies of the state or had to go into exile. A famous case-study is this guy named Nelson Mandela.

Of course, looking back, it makes sense that the Apartheid government was the first to have this subversive counterview of history banned. After all, the Israeli government is one of racial superiority and segregation. To digress slightly with an anecdote, I had this Jewish friend who once answered my question about the Israeli state's policy on the Palestinians and Arabs in general that he had "visited Israel and it is a beautiful country and it was simply lovely". I felt very reasured to know that Israel has a "Keep our country tidy" policy in place.

In any case, the white minority government of South Africa could never dream of pissing off the Israeli Jews by having this booklet distributed. I mean, how will we be able to share weapons technology and build nuclear weapons to oppress the respective sub-races in our respective countries if we don't get along?

Unfortunately, in South Africa, the Apartheid government did not have the experience to deal with the growing problem of dogma-hating people and had to give up the fight. However, if they were Jews who were in the Warsaw ghetto during the Second World War they would have done the smart thing and sealed off the black homelands by building giant walls around it and controlling all exit and entry points. Unfortunately my grandad was too busy fighting a war to liberate North Africa from the spectre of fascism to take notes.

But as the saying goes, history is written by the victors and the victors are sure to learn some new tricks.

So did six million really die? Ernst Zundel does not think so. The Jewish community and in particular the mighty Jewish pressure groups like the Simon Wiesenthal Centre , whose entire argument against Zundel does not have a single fact included and is purely based on dogma, does. And then there is a whole lot of other people in the world who simply does not care. People who face starvation, disease and disaster every day who do not have the time to commemorate or deny an event that did or did not take place.

In the end, it does not matter at all. The Holocaust, whether it happened in the immense scale that is claimed or not, does not matter. Belief in the extermination of the Jews or the denial thereof does not matter.

We are quickly told that lest we learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. What utter bullshit. The human species will never learn from anything. We are a narcissistic and nihilistic crowd and we will ALWAYS do our best to get to the top of the pile of bodies, no matter what.

Perhaps in a hundred years from now the Palestians will have gained power over the media and corrupt politicians and all of us will have to celebrate their holocaust under the Jewish fist of race hatred. And when that day comes, history will just have repeated itself again and we will be reminded by the new masters that we must remember the atrocities that may or may not have taken place so we will never repeat them.

Ultimately, whether six million Jews died during World War 2 matters about as much as the millions dying from hunger, AIDS or strife today. Absolutely nothing. Because nobody cares unless it suits their personal agenda. The death of one is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.

The nature of humanity is to oppress and eradicate those who do not fit with the master plan. And as we all know by now, the ethnicity of the peoples who create the ultimate cellphone will rule the world. So stop bitching and go about your day. Nobody cares until they get an SMS. Deal with it.

How do you get a hundred Jews into a Volkswagen Beetle? You put them in the ashtray.

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