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Lara's Lesson

Her legs were slightly spread, hinting at more. She looked sweetly at me, inviting me to tell her to open her legs wider. I looked up and down her suntanned body, her blonde bob all messed up and sweaty. She had the plumpest, softest little breasts. Her nipples were hard and slightly wet. My cock began to ache, and I pushed my desk-chair back from the exam papers I was marking and began rubbing myself through my trousers. When I couldn't handle the look on her face anymore and I was ready to fuck her, I undid my jeans. She sat with her legs open properly, still looking at me, her eyes hoping. Her body twisted this way and that, so soft but so desperate. But I stood over her, making her wait, even though she was whispering, begging me. I just kept stroking myself, making my cock bigger, and bigger, so that when I did it to her she would really feel it.

I didn't hear my girlfriend Lara come in. I just felt a tap on my shoulder. Her eyes were narrow with anger. "So who were you jerking off over this time?" she asked.

I jumped up and scrambled for my pants. Lara stamped through to the lounge and turned the music up loud. She was on lunchbreak again.

She stood by the window looking out at the trees, her shoulders back and her arms folded. She wore a blue dress (that matched her Democratic alliance key-ring) with a low back and a short skirt. I wanted to lift it up just to see her open her eyes and look shocked. After just over three years, and she'd never yet lost her lean, soft little figure, although she lost her temper often.

I turned the music down, and stood just behind her. It didn't take long for her to speak to me again. "I've known for a while," she said, sounding as if she'd just discovered a long-term mistress. "But today I just snapped." I laughed at that. "I've never seen her before in my life," I protested. Furiously, Lara spun round, her hand raised. I stopped smiling. She hesitated, and I grabbed her wrist, looking her in the eye. "Lara" I said, not letting her pull away: "If you don't want to know about it, you don't have to watch. It's private. I don't watch you!" "What? Watch me do what?" "Well - I think that's obvious, Lara." She gaped, and tried to pull her hand free: "Don't you know that the whole thing is a myth? I mean, I've asked tons of my girlfriends, and they all admitted they don't. I know it's fashionable and all that rubbish, but I don't know how to do it. The only sex I have is with you."

I felt her relax, so I let her go, and she moved back from me and sat down on the couch with her dress riding maddeningly up her legs. I forced myself to concentrate on her game and asked: "You mean you haven't even tried?" "No, of course I've tried. I've tried. But it doesn't work - even if I think of someone other than you." That stung a little. I wanted to show her. I looked at her legs again, hanging. "Anyway", she continued. "I didn't mean to lose my temper. I'm just jealous because you can, and I can't, and it doesn't seem fair. I'm sorry if I messed it up for you." "Never, ever, try to hit me again," I said eventually. Then I looked at her face, and waited. "Or what?" "Lara?" Sulking meaningfully, she didn't answer. But the mood had changed, and the way she looked at me made me harden. "What if I teach you how to make yourself cum?" I suggested. "Teach me how." "You say that men can - and women can't. So why don't you let me teach you?" She pushed her hair out of her face, playing sceptical and slightly shy. "Let me try," I said. "Just let me try".

She looked down, shaking her head slightly. I waited for her curiosity to overcome her. 7 Instead she just suddenly started talking again: "So what are you going to do? "Whatever turns you on," I replied a little wearily, and sat down for the first time since she'd caught me. "Let's just order a pizza." "A pizza. Right." "Yes. A pizza." I picked up the phone and ordered two medium mexicans with extra chili. I pretended to ignore Lara. When I finished the call, she pulled her dress further up her legs. "Well - what if I take you up on your offer?" she asked, challenging me. I swallowed. The next thing I said was important. "You'll learn something." She shifted on the couch next to me. "How will you do it?" I sat for a while, making her wait before I answered. Then I said: "I'll tell you to lie back on the couch." She lay back on the couch. "And then?" "Then I'll tell you to use your imagination." I laughed. "To think what?" "That you're going to be fucked by someone with a huge cock. So big it makes you sore." "And what's it like?" I stood up, folding my arms. "Close your eyes, Lara". She hesitated, then did it.

"Open your legs, you bitch. No no Lara. I don't want to see your cunt yet. Keep your dress over your knees. Just open your legs. I know you're not wearing any panties.'" I looked down at her lying there and saw her open her legs, just slightly. " Open them more, OK? I don't want to fuck around here.'" Lara opened her legs wider. "Open them properly. Who the fuck's going to stop me. And I hope you're getting wet, because you don't want this to hurt too much". I took my hand out of my pocket and put my middle finger in my mouth to lubricate it. Lara reached for her dress again, exposing her pretty little pussy, and to reached down to touch herself, but I said: "Stop. Don't touch yourself. That's for me. I'll look at you myself, and I'll touch and you myself. Just open your legs more". That's right, I thought, feeling myself getting hard. "Now you pull your dress down, Lara. I want to see that cunt before I touch it. And you pull your dress right away from it, so I can see. Slowly".

I wet my finger again. "You thought your legs were as wide as they could be, didn't you. Well they're not wide enough for me. I can't see enough. You make me feel more welcome, or this will hurt. Open your legs wider. I sat down on the couch next to her, wetting my finger again. "You open your legs wider, so I can see your whole wet cunt. You know it's small. You know no matter what you do, you're going to feel this finger when I push it into you, and then I'm going to fuck you, and you're going to feel that even more. So you open your legs more, like I say."

Lara strained to open her legs, and I looked down at her cunt. Her little hole nestled wetly. "Now. Do as exactly as I say. Take your little finger and push it in. I want to see if it goes in. Make it nice and soft for me. No!" I slapped her hand. "Slowly, Lara. Not fast and not roughly. I want you tender when I go in. You slide your finger in slowly and gently to show you're ready for me. And you look at me to see if it's OK. Is it OK? No, it's not ready. Turn over. You do everything I say, even if you don't want to. Turn over." Lara turned over with her smooth little backside in the air. Her dress covered some of it. She was breathing quickly but she wasn't saying anything. Her forehead wrinkled in a cute little frown, her head forced to the side by the arm of the couch, her cheeks red. I sat on the arm of the couch and continued. I lifted all the parts of her skirt that were covering her and rubbed her arse cheeks. Then I patted her arse slightly and asked: "Is this turning you on?" She didn't say anything, squirming and squeezing her eyes closed. I said: "Say yes. Say you like it. Say it's turning you on, or I'll smack you.'" Lara swallowed, but she didn't nod her head. I smacked her. Not hard. Just enough to make a little pink mark. "Just so you feel the sting. And then he warns you to say yes. But do you say yes? No. So he smacks you again. And then he rolls you over, a little angrily. Roll over. And he slaps your pussy to warm it up. Spread your legs for me again, and show me if you're ready now. Spread them wider. Oh, you're wet. So you were just being stubborn when you said you didn't like it. Now put your finger in your pussy again. The whole way in."

I could see her clit swollen up so hard it was even touching her finger as she slid it in again, and then I saw her whole hand jumping as she began to cum. Her forehead was damp now, and her mouth slighly opened. Her fingers withdrew, spreading her pussy. She almost seemed to be smiling. "Thank you," she said, shyly. "Sshh," I said. "I'm not finished". I sat her on the couch with her cunt open for me, and knelt down. I moistened my finger so I wouldn't hurt her, and slid it into her cunt. She jumped once against my finger. I liked that, so I took my finger out and wet two of them, and pushed them in. That was harder to do. I had to hold her legs open wide with my other hand to get in. She moaned, but didn't struggle, just held her breasts. "Take your dress off now", I ordered her. "And spread yourself for me. I hope you're ready". Then I opened my pants and slowly pushed my cock into her. Her cunt was wet, firm, swollen and hot. I could tell from the way she caught her breath that she could feel me going in. Her body struggled as if she half wanted to escape, and half wanted more. Soon the struggling stopped, and she tried to put her legs around me and pull me into her.

She was desperate to be fucked now, but I didn't care if she came or not. I was taking what I deserved. I knew I'd just taught her the lesson of her life, and it felt good to nail her. She was soft in my hands, her tits leaping up as I drove into her hard, not caring if it hurt. She started panting again and begging me. She threw her arms around my neck and held onto me, and I held her still by the hips as I rammed her over and over again. She wanted it so badly that she was almost crying when I pumped my cock into her as I started to shoot, and I had to hold her still while I finished cumming.

She grabbed at our crotches, panting and rubbing herself. I embraced her and kissed her hair, getting my breath. She kissed my chest, stroked the muscles on my arm, groaned slightly, still moving against my cock as she came again. "Well, how do you think I do it?" I asked. "Oh god Mark," she said. " I don't think I care. Why don't you do what 'he' did to me? All the time. Every night." I chuckled, feeling her calm down to listen to me answer, hearing the pizza-boy ring the doorbell and realising that I was hungry. Neither of us went back to work that day.

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