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Wake up in a real bad way. DOn't remember shit about shit. The couch guy was more sober than I was last night. For once. Something about a bird with a fucking bindhi, or some shit like that. This is the apparent happening of last night.Find housemates drug stash. Hit it real hard. What hangover?!?!? Go watch rugby for no reason whatsofuckingever! My volk verloor op hulle poeste. Alweer. Hulle is actually alright. But what ever. The point and aim of this banter is about the penis. The appendage of all appendi.The boeta of boeta's. The main cunain!

I had an epiphany this morrow as I awoke. I realised that the people I choose to surround myself with are fucking rocking for one reason. They have all got small cocks. Now I hear you saying this is just some cunt projecting because he has a real small unit and this is why he is all fucking fucked up about shit. Give it a name. What's that? A misanthrope....no wait a nihilist...ohhh ohhh ohhh...a ??????????????. Thats it innit! You fucking stupid cunt fucks... it is so sad that you actually know that you know that you don't know what i'm talking about. You know exactly what I speak of ... it does that fandango in your thinkbox every night when you are alone in bed.Why do you do that?!?!?! Why are you only honest about things when you are on your own? Why do cry your self to sleep about the size of your cock. Why? As a human being you understand that it matters not(unless you're a retarded! but that's an entirely different kettle of ferrets), you understand that all our cock is there for is to procreate. To make bacon. To fuck. To naai. Whether it's an acorn of a tuinslang it matters fuckall! As long as you can shpunk or get some chick up the duff it's all meat and taters! You silly fuck! You Men's Health believing wank fuck! Read the YOU Magazine instead !

Now wait an Italian Monsterous second! I have veared of the path of penis enlightenment! Again! Ok as I was saying, the penis is there for one function and nothing else. To make more of our cunting raping species. That's it! It is not that fucking special! For fuck sakes, your ear is more interesting and intracate that the bit of flesh that hangs mid way on your body! Think about what your cock can do beside's pee ( and the process of eleaviating the body or urine can be done in easier and simpler ways - this is fact! Like the fact that only a ninja can kill a ninja!) and who the fuck, I mean what the fuck kind of designer would put a toxic waste outlet in an entertainment area. thats why a cock, a schlong, a winkie, a voel, n' piel, a fuckstick, a man polony, your meat and two veg is such a fucked thing. you spend your entire life ruled by your penis. If it doesn't work you're only half a man, if it works too well you're a pervert. Your penis defines who you are and for an inch or two piece of blood tubing that's totally fucked. aggresssion and a penis go hand in hand. HA!! You want to start a shit fight, take the piss out of a mans' penis. guaranteed. Religion and sex (or the lack of either) are the easiest way to wind someones balls in a knot. Get it out of the way. Get twisted and get your little unit out, wave it around, show it around. all problems solved. We all know where we stand. give it a little fiddle in public, beat the meat, and you've got real power over people. Call it a show of affection. love yourself, abuse yourself (if you're catholic). put it to use for fucks sake. At least you'll stop obsessing for a few minutes. jesus, you piss me off. Right now you're fucking worrying about it. get a jizz mag and knock one out. better? I fucking told you! and then you don't have to worry about the bitch either. everyones happy. She doesn't have to give it up and you don't have to beg like a sad loser. Rejoice in being a wanker.

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