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I am writing this in my own blood on my used sanitary towel. If anyone finds this ... please....HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

It's been 3 days now. Maybe 4. Fuck. It could be a week. I have lost all perception of time and space. I still have no idea where I am. The last I remember is being at that club and dancing ... then...now it's coming back. fuck! I should have listened to Marie. SHe warned me. She fucking warned me not to go. why. fucking why. Godammit she warned me. "Don't go home with him Cynthia" she said."He's coloured ... and you know what they're like". I remember being rather upset with this comment and I recall giving her a mouthful about how closed minded and sterotypically snobbish she was being. Me and my stupid liberal self! I thought he was Mexican anyway. He had an accent I'm sure ... How was I supposed to know that I would get slipped a little something in my drink and then get tied up and bundled into a cheaply constructed cupboard in some place of darkness.

I haven't had water for the entire duration that I have been in here. All I get fed through a pipe constructed of bits of straws and a fishtank hose is a vile mixture of what I think to be cane and milo. Well more cane than milo. Something keeps muttering some fucking deranged bullshit about the cleansing of my soul. ABout the absolution of the human race being written in the book of Araya. It's fucking fucked up enough being bundled up naked in this dark stinking cupboard being fed cane and milo and the odd bit of dry dog food pellets... but my captors also insist on leaving "We gotta get outta this place" by Kiss on repeat. Over and over and over. WHat kinda sick deranged bastard would do such a horrid thing?!?!?! I am starting to wish I was dead...

It also seems that there are these strange ceremonies that take place every evening around 7:30ish I think. I know this by the sound of the E.TV sports theme filtering through a little crack in the door. It involves what I think to be either an accomplice or an imaginary entity called Zorg. or Korg or somethig like that. At least I think so. They play Yanni real loud and chant while reading out of the Kabala relentlessly. Then they masturbate and cum on the cupoard door. This has taken place since I've been here and the smell is overwhealming. Last night a stream slipped through the keyhole and hit me in the eye. It burned like hell. I cried out loud. As loud as I ever had in my life. what life? I'm fucked forever.

My voice is raw on the inside and I can taste the mixture of blood and puss from my infected throat everytime I swallow. I don't care what they do anymore... just stop the fucking Kiss already. I used to love the song, but now it's slowly making the central part of my brain feel like it's going to explode.

If someone gets this please help me. I think I am close to a main road of some sort ... but this is all I think I know.

I'm fucked!

May God have mercy on my soul...

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